Healthy Male Review - Suspended Vendor With Low Trading Prices

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Healthy Male Review - Suspended Vendor With Low Trading Prices

Healthy male is one of the most credible online pharmacies in the market. This pharmacy has a lot to offer as it has various medicines for various use. The website has a wide range of medical products ranging from cancer drugs to ADHD meds.

I was able to find a few products of great quality for sale. For instance, when I was looking for ED drugs, I came across this branded ED medicine:

In addition to that, the website has a wide range of ED drugs ranging from a fresh one to over 40 years old. The drugs are FDA approved and are sourced directly from the manufacturer.

  1. Cialis: $0.83 per pill
  2. Kamagra: $0.93 per pill
  3. Malegra FXT: $1.35 per pill

Cialis is a strong erectile dysfunction drug. It has the ability to produce erections within 45 minutes to 1 hour after being taken. It is also known as the ‘zebras’, or ‘sildest’ version of Viagra.

Kamagra is a treatment that helps men recover from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation (PE) in an effective and short- lasting manner.

What I like about the drug store is that they have hidden their information from the public. They are operating from a self-proclaimed secrecy and are not transparent about their real identity and location. Its location is unknown and it does not have an SSL Certificate of Verification.

Healthy Male Reviews 2021

Another good thing is that all the drugs offered by this website are also approved by the Indian FDA which guarantees the compassionate use of these medicines in the as-required conditions.

However, we can not recommend it as it cannot be trusted as we have seen many fake reviews about this site which is very suspicious especially as it is not registered by any other regulatory agency on the internet.

This drugstore has a “clean bill of health” from the FDA, which is a good sign of a reliable internet pharmacy. However, there is no mention of the location of the company on their website. So, we can only rely on the site’s word that it is operating from and it is a safe store. They have two years of customer feedback from its verified buyer and seller on the internet.

However, some of the medicines are not approved by the FDA which gives them the ability to test the quality of their products.

If you order anything from this pharmacy, you will have to enter a valid prescription and send it via email or post to them. In addition, you must provide their real contact details and other verification details.

The company does not have a license for their store, which means that they are selling dirty medicine to the public without asking for a prescription.

It is amazing how many online pharmacies fake their contact information in order to deceive customers.

Healthy Male Featured Products

This pharmacy website is loaded with products for almost every medical condition. You can even find products for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and skin care.

You may make payments using either Visa or MasterCard. You may have the opportunity to change shipping options in the future.

Healthy Male

You can choose between airmail and express shipping. Airmail costs $28.00, the express option costs $89.00.

This online pharmacy has its own testimonials and reviews. I decided to see who else is sharing the same sentiment on other websites.

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Some are almost 100% positive, praising the site for what it is: A reliable and secure online pharmacy.

You can find a lot of positive reviews on the testimonials page of the website. Some of the testimonials are as follows:

The testimonials are not only positive but also very attached to the company. They say that the company has a “plenty” of “recently created reviews. As a commenter named Christopher he said that he had received his product and he was very impressed with the service.

The fact that there are so many positive reviews and testimonials consistently points toward this company being a reliable provider of online medication.

They do not have a pharmacy license in most states, however, they claim that they are not operating from any other location and that they do not sell drugs online with an unknown location.

I think the danger is that the site.

The drugstore is also using a service called Expeditious that allows them to remove drugs from their original packaging and has been registered for many years.

Healthy Male Coupon Codes

There are no coupons for the drug store, they have a discount offer of 10% on all future orders and free pills on all orders.

This site is a pharmacy very popular among online shoppers because of the good prices and their exceptional service. Even if this pharmacy is no longer active, they still maintained a strong performance with 33% upticks in their prices and an increase in their customer satisfaction.

I personally think that healthy male has been around since 2001 and they can be trusted because of their excellent service.

I will not be a satisfied customer forever because of the many shortcomings of this online pharmacy.

They are no longer active, but their domain has been registered by an Iranian based in Canada. The domain is set to expire in 2001.

This website has an average rating on Scamadviser of 0% and has been named as a Rogue Pharmacy. The website is also operating illegally. I am not sure why they are not being properly vetted as they claimed that they were.

There was a problem in the database that they are using to collect their feedback. This report was not available and they are requesting the users to use their website as well as their mail. They have also not mentioned why they are not having reviews on their site.

Healthy Male Featured Products

Healthy Male Physical Address

An address that is almost exactly the same as the address that they give on their site. This is very unusual and could mean two things; either they are hiding something or the owner is vigilantes.

The shop offers a wide range of medicines. They offer both generic and branded medicines and you can also buy their generic alternatives. There is a pill tax on all the drugs that they sell but this is a small financial cost compared to the other premiums that are offered by the store.

The health condition of the people that they serve is a crucial factor that determines whether they are a safe or a risk to the public. This pharmacy is a safe choice for buying ED drugs as they have the necessary regulation and the necessary licenses from their local health department.

They also have a very active customer feedback and support team which means that they will not be a cash business. The feedback they have includes both positive and negative comments from different users.

Overall the drug store seems quite successful and safe to use. They have a licence to operate from their local health department and have a loyalty program that they are starting today. And, as they say, they are not a cash business.

The domain has also been found to be classified as a Rogue Pharmacy. Rogue means that they don’t have the necessary approvals to sell their products in Australia.

The site is using a privacy service to hide their contact information. This is a common practice that we find with many fake pharmacies.

The pharmacy has a business name that is completely different from the one that they have on their site.

Australian law requires all pharmacy stores to be registered with a local government agency. This pharmacy isn’t registered for any other reason than not having a physical location in Australia.

The pharmacy also doesn’t have any seals for verification. This is another significant problem because it means the store is operating illegally.


Healthy male is an online pharmacy that claims to be an approved Canadian supplier of generic erectile dysfunction drugs. They also claim to be a leader in Canadian health care. However, our investigation finds many problems that put the store in poor light.

The records also show that the domain has been in use for a website that is based in the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The business name, organization, and address of this online store is as perfect as they could be. They only provide the phone numbers that were provided. There is no other contact information for the business.

This online pharmacy has a licensed agent that is located in the city of Toronto. This is a good sign for a legitimate business.

This store appears to sell generic erectile dysfunction (ED) pills. They provide a prescription from their users.

To order from this site, you must have a valid prescription from a licensed physician. You can either fax or email your prescription to them.

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