Health Warehouse Reviews For Various Products

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Health Warehouse Reviews For Various Products

Health warehouse is an online pharmacy that claims to offer genuine products and services to their customers. This online drugstore is owned by “Online Pharmacy” who specializes in selling powerful and effective products for men. My drug test results from the United States were as follows:

  • Failed to deliver my order - my package was delayed for over a week and it was only when it arrived and was confirmed as ok that I knew the issue.
  • Misbranding of my order - I was given a brand that wasn’t there real product and it was mis-branded.

This this shop is just another scam that uses the “Online Pharmacy” name. The risks of being scammed by this store are real and you can find a lot of reasons why why you should steer clear from this pharmacy.

I couldn’t find any information about the web address and phone numbers used by health warehouse to communicate with their customers. They also have no endorsement from reputable third party review websites.

This is just another bad sign for an online pharmacy that claims to be independent from the reality of their customers.

This shop is a virtual pharmacy that specializes in “American” medicine. They say that their products are FDA approved and certified to be used by American physicians.

Health Warehouse Discount Number

I am looking for a medication that will help me with erectile dysfunction. I have tried looking at other pharmacies for this but they are not competitive for me. This pharmacy is really cheap and provides a lot of options for my needs. The only problem is that they don’t tell me what drug they have that I can use. This is surprising as it is something that is usually advertised. With no information about where they are sourcing their drugs from, it is difficult to tell if a pharmacy is genuine or not.

I have been researching online and I come to the conclusion that this pharmacy is like many others that lack authenticity. They do not have a license to operate. They don’t have any regulation and they have been listed as Rogue Pharmacy on

I am looking for generic antidepressants for my treatment so I can have a backup plan should something happen to me. This is a must if I want to have a long and happy sex life.

This is all great but hope is that the prices of the drugs are a bit cheaper. They say that their drugs are certified by CIPA which is a federally approved pharmaceutical.

  • Mastercard
  • Checks and International Money Orders. The website only accepts payments through major credit card processing companies.

Business Contact Details

This online pharmacy has a testimonials page that is full of A-plus reviews from their customers. They say that they are 100% satisfied and are talking about their experience with this store.

Business Contact Details

Not enough details are available for the business that actually runs the store. It is, however, surprising that they would be using a China-based buyer service since the owner and their agents have been realising little or nothing in the past years. This, therefore, raises suspicion about their business. The company could be involved in middle-menaging scams, as we have seen a few times before.

The store does not have many comments from happy customers. There is also no mention of any other online vendor that uses this same exact website.

Not all online pharmacies are required to show their regulatory approvals. However, the FDA has indicated that this pharmacy is correctly registered.

The pharmacy uses a domain privacy service to make sure their information is hidden from the records. However, they still claim to be an independent seller of quality drugs.

This site offers a range of different types of generic drugs. They offer Aids, antibiotics, birth control pills, skin care products and much more.

You do not need a prescription to order from this pharmacy. However, as a pharmacist you will need a valid prescription from your doctor to dispense drugs.

Not all online pharmacies offer discounted rates. This pharmacy offers a 7% discount on all purchases.

The pharmacy offers a wide range of consumer products from around the world.

  • Medical supplies
  • Personal care products
  • Orders
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Visa Electron

On the feedback page, they have over 4,000 customer feedback. This confirms the large number of positive reviews they currently have.

Health Warehouse Discount Number

This pharmacy is a safe and a reliable store. They operate from a genuine business that has been approved by the FDA. They also have a dedicated customer support team. However, they do have a high risk of being a scam.

Health Warehouse Reviews 2021

The domain records can be found in the WHOIS database and this shows that the pharmacy has been operating for over 8 years. The domain has been registered for only 3 months and is only associated with a single website.

The domain promise is that of being a leading provider of high-quality medication. However, the records show that the domain has been registered less than 6 months ago and that it is associated with only one website.

This pharmacy uses a modern website design that has a lot of features including a search box and a user interface that seems professional. However, there are some very obvious issues with the website, such as the lack of an SSL certificate and the use of hidden services.

The phone number provided by the pharmacy is not in Canada and it is just one of the many numbers they want you to dial when you need them. We need to find the address of the pharmacy to which they are referring and we can find that they have a location in New York.

There is no evidence that shows that the pharmacy has been approved by any regulatory agency like the CIPA, the NABP, and the FDA. The fact that this drugstore is using a fake business name even though it uses the real name Canadian Pharmacy Shop shows that they are not following the rules that should be followed when selling drugs online.

The company claims to offer medications from India, but we do not have the necessary details about their exact locations or the pharmacies that dispense their medication. It is not clear whether they sell their products within Canada or elsewhere in the world.


This is not also surprising, as a number of fake pharmacies have cropped up in the last 10 years, selling less risky drugs. These pharmacies are made primarily of cheap knock-off medicines, intending to deceive the customers by offering cheap prices.

This pharmacy is a pharmaceutical company which buys all types of generic medicines from other online pharmacies. It has a good track record of selling good quality generic products because of the long operations of the pharmacy. The site was started in 2005 and continues to sell its products to this day. It is not a new pharmacy, but it has been operating since 2005.

From the pharmacy’s website, we can see that their domain has only been around for around 7 years. This is a good record, but it is not as good as others. Other pharmacies seem to have operated for far longer than this, which shows that the business might not have been completely reliable.

They unfortunately do not provide details about where the store is located, nor where the products are dispensed from. This is common practice found with stores which are not genuine, and is more likely to be an attempt to hide the identity of the owner.

We do not believe this to be true because the company has not been able to provide any evidence to support this claim. They are also claiming to sell products for over 88 hours, which is more than the average time at least two online pharmacies claim to have been given to dispense drugs.

It is the responsibility of the customer to verify that the drugs are genuine before ordering.

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