Drug Mart Reviews And Testimonials; They Are Not Genuine.

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Drug Mart Reviews And Testimonials; They Are Not Genuine.

Drug mart is a Canadian pharmacy that claims to offer 24/7 customer support. This online pharmacy is owned by Secure Health Group Inc. And they are located in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

I was curious to know if this pharmacy has been approved by any regulatory authority. To check that claim, they also provide a link to the CIPA website where they can check their membership.

On their website, they say that they have been licensed and certified by the NABP and the CIPA. They also claim to have a Pharma Judge who is also a member of Pharmacy Checker and provide access to the members.

However, the CIPA website doesn’t seem to be online so I don’t know if this is an actual member of the association or just another non-member.

On LegitScript, their review says that this drugstore is a rogue online pharmacy. They also give a rating of rogue that shows that they aren’t meeting the diagnostic standards required by LegitScript.

The pharmacy offers a good offer considering that they are genuinely offering 24/7 customer support. They will even give you free pills on every order, a 5% discount on your next purchase, and a free shipping delivery if your order is over $200.

On their website, they also offer to throw in a free Special Offer if you spend $200 in one order. This offer is valid until the end of the year 2013.

The shop claims to accept all major credit cards and is not a bank controlled site so there is a lot of risk associated with this store. The store has a live chat feature and email address that you can use to ask any questions you may have.

Drug Mart Coupon Codes

The discount offer offered by the site is available for all their customers. Customers who purchase products worth $200 and above receive 25% on their purchase.

The shop is an online medical store that offers a range of drugs. They are supplied to a wide range of medical conditions. Their medicines are all legal. They also have a Pharmacy on their site that dispenses their medicines. We can see that the medicine dispensed here is for prescribing and monitoring and not for selling. This is good because pharmacies might be interested in the sale of their products to customers who are not comfortable with ordering their own prescription.

Their website has a lot of information to make sure you are all set when you check out. They have a FAQ section that answers questions and more so than others, you will find information about various different brands of their medicines.

Their customer service team is very helpful and respond to all their questions and concerns with speed.

Drug mart have a customer service team that is responsive and very helpful to all their customers. They are also very easy to use and navigate, something that can sometimes be a hinderance when ordering online. Most online pharmacies nowadays have support team with a lot of emails to answer. This is a huge temptation for people to put their trust in the emails.

Drug Mart Bestsellers

Most online pharmacies today offer an array of products covering a wide range of health conditions. This is despite the fact that toxins are created by the body in everyday life which are harmful for the body.

Drug Mart

Buyers can also find products from various manufacturers in the store, but there are two major differences between the American and European pharmacy providers.

The first is their site’s availability. Although the European stores do not have a live chat feature, the American stores have online chat support team that are available 24/7.

The pharmacy is a relatively new online pharmacy that claims to offer the lowest prices in the industry. You also need an Authentic Online Pharmacy to buy from them. Let’s learn about their operation and what they promise from the angle of this article.

The company that runs the website claims that they have been operating the business for more than 10 years as well as having been operating from a legitimate E-Commerce platform.

They also mention that they have a customer service team that is capable of working with customers around the world.

These regulatory approvals and accreditation mean that the website is operating with the required certifications.

The meds offered by this store are effectively branded as branded products. However, they do offer generic alternatives for customers to choose from.

They have a wide selection of drugs that are generic and were manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies overseas.

Drug Mart Scam

This store is also offering an outright 100% money-back guarantee which states that you are not guaranteed any products from this store.

To conclude, the drugstore is a store with very little customer reviews, and this is probably because they are operating illegally.

From the information that we have gathered about this pharmacy, it can be seen that they are using fake testimonials which are almost certainly fake.

The domain name records show that this store was created recently last year and has a registered expiration date of two years and seven days.

This is a good sign that they are a legit business. Since they claim to be global, this shows they could be operating from Australia.

The store has a professional looking website that is a mix of white and black background. The site is not in a rush to close. They want to make their customers happy for two years and they are keen to keep new customers.

Drug Mart Bestsellers

The company makes its address and phone number available in the footer section of the site. A call from them to their customer care team is available during standard business hours.

Australian Government-approved pharmacies are required to provide their addresses and contact information to their customers. This pharmacy has a seal on their store from ANZC and CIPA.

They are also required to conform to standards set up by LegitScript as well as using a valid contract with their customers.

The website offers a wide range of different products for their customers to choose from. They offer generic as well as brand drugs.

  • male enhancement
  • pain relief
  • weight loss
  • hair loss
  • men’s cologne
  • anxiety

They do not see generic ED drugs in their catalogue and even in their pharmacy. Their doctors recommend the use of generic drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction disorders.

Drug Mart Reviews External Comments

To judge its credibility on other online platforms, I decided to check the reviews for this pharmacy from other regulatory bodies such as the CIPA, LegitScript, and MIPA. I did not find any reviews to suggest that the pharmacy is a safe and reliable platform for buying medicines.

I appreciate the efforts of the customer service representatives being put in to helping their customers. However, it is important to note that they are only there to receive referrals to other online pharmacies that are trying to offer better prices. They are not there to provide advice or guidance and they certainly are not in the business of helping people save.

The site has been operating for more than 12 years and it has been approved by the Indian FDA process to sell prescription drugs. However, they do not have any real-world customer reviews from the public or other independent review platforms. Their main aim seems to be to deceive the customers and gain popularity, which is why they put a lot of effort on in marketing and not working hard.


Although there are many reasons to use generic internet pharmacy, buyers should first run an online investigation to ensure that they’re strictly dealing with genuine companies. Check the customer reviews and testimonials from the site before deciding to use it. Also, you need to make sure that the generic online pharmacy is only used by an insurer company so they could contain some negative side effects.

With that being said, buying generic medicines is still a good idea. Generic medicines are not as expensive as the brand names so it could end up being a steal.

Drug mart is a Canadian online pharmacy that sells its products from Canada. They have a reach to customers all over the world and are certified by PharmacyChecker. Consumer Reports named them as the Best Pick for the Best Brand Viagra.

We already knew that this website offers a lot of products for the customers to choose from but what is their best seller list?

This shop is a pharmacy that offers low prices for their products. The side effects of using this store should not be underestimated as getting them from this site can be dangerous. The lack of verification for this site is just another red-flag as they are not abiding by the rules for a legit online pharmacy.

We feel that the drugs that they offer are just a little too good to be true. It is really hard to believe that they are actually selling drugs which are claimed to be effective and safe.

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