Assured Rx Review - Online Banned Drug Store With Fake Reviews

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Assured Rx Review - Online Banned Drug Store With Fake Reviews

Assured rx is a pharmacy that has been on the web for an undetermined amount of time. It is unclear which drugstore the drugstore occurs to. The domain was first registered on July 23, 2013. Since then, the domain has been updated several times and has closed.

So, the chances of the drugstore operating for years seem quite low and suspicious. The fact that the website has been unresponsive for more than four years is enough for me to reject this pharmacy.

AssuredRx has the standard range of generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. There is also a small range of Sandoz, Herbalife, and Panavitra.

They have been authorized to offer Rx with the FDA as well as Pharmacy Checker. If you need anything Rx-approved, you can contact them through their phone number.

They accept payments using Visa and MasterCard. They also seem to accept insurance, but it is not yet agreed upon whether they will pay for it or not. They say that they will notify the customer if they miss the payment deadline.

They sell their products at the lowest price possible and do not seem to offer discounts for their customers.

There are two ways to review on site reviews and testimonials on assured rx. They can use our panel system to find reviews for any of their pharmacies and it will give you the results in reverse chronological order.

This drugstore is a reputable pharmacy which looks like a real-world drugstore.

Mirror Websites

The above mentioned stores are not the full extent of what we found. There are a large number of websites with the word ‘100% trustworthy’ in their names. They are actually rogue pharmacies with suspicious dealings that may involve money laundering and possibly illegal activities.

This is a rather suggestive web archive and it includes a large number of suspicious websites. The fact that they have been listed in Medscape as a Rogue Pharmacy is a clear indication that they are involved with suspicious activities.

We don’t recommend the use of this pharmacy. It is, however, a safe choice to use if you want to keep your medical information confidential and don’t expect a free trial.

This drugstore is a pharmacy that claims to provide worldwide shipping as well as drugs. However, the pharmacy is operating from the United States and they only ship to Canada, the United Kingdom and several European countries.

The drugs they supply have a variety of ingredients, including paint, wood shavings, hair, skin, feces and much more. Some of the drugs appear to be counterfeit, being created in laboratories elsewhere than the ones where they are supposed to be manufactured.

Assured Rx

Assured rx accepts payments by using all major credit cards accepted by the pharmacy. Their current shipping method is via Trackable Courier Service.

They also have testimonials and reviews for their service. Some of the customer testimonials are just hilarious and we do not recommend you to trust them as they do not have all the information you will need to know about other sites.

The site has had this big number of customer testimonials for so long that they have seen them all before. They are not only very popular with customers but they are highly sought after by online shoppers.

There are also testimonials for the site from customers who have already placed orders for the drugs from this pharmacy.

They have had similar testimonials for other online pharmacies that might be online as well. This means that this pharmacy is not a new one.

Customer Support

As the company claims, the support teams for the platform has been fully trained and there are more than 150 reviewed online reviews on the platform. This is a strong indication that the customer reviews are genuine and not fake.

The pharmacy does not require their customers to get prescriptions from any licenced doctor. However, the platform makes no mention as to whether or not they require a valid prescription form.

The platform accepts payments made using both Visa and MasterCard. The platform also provides a mailing address to all its customers.

Shipping is charged at a flat rate of $10.00 for each package. The cost of shipping is to be added to your subscription.

The support team of this pharmacy has been working diligently for more than a year to make sure that it is a dependable online pharmacy. They offer 24/7 customer support 365 days a year. The company also provides an email address and fax number.

While the quality of services offered by this pharmacy is great, it is not perfect. We have reviewed this shop many times before, and found that their service is not up to snuff. This review highlights some of the major problems with this drugstore.

The domain name records reveal that this store is quite new, with only a few years of experience. It is also using a privacy service to make sure customers do not see their identity.

These records suggest that the store is not yet registered with a third party company which would normally make sure that the information we share on this site are accurate.

Assured Rx Reviews 2021

The site is using a modern design that is easy to browse and use. However, the use of a privacy service to make sure all information we share on this site is correct is a concern.

This pharmacy is using a real-world address in the Czech Republic, but it is also safe to assume that they are in Canada and the United States, as other reputable businesses seem to use this store for their online supplies.

Assured Rx Reviews 2021

I am also curious about their location. The information they seem to have is just fake which means that I cannot be certain about it. I have seen fake sites and this might be one of them.

The domain was registered just this week and it is set to expire very soon. The fact that it has been registered for only one week is a red flag and makes me question the legitimacy of this pharmacy.

I would like to check with Scam Adviser before deciding on buying from them, but I know that it is not necessary at the moment.

There is a business name on the website but I do not think it is specific enough to be interested in. The owner of the website provides some personal information and address. My guess is that the owner is just trying to protect their identity as much as possible.

While this business is run by a real person and not some fake company, I am still skeptical about the fact that it is not a registered member of any regulatory bodies.

There are a few places where it is required to be registered as a real business. They have it on their site. The fact that this is a fake business should make you hesitant about purchasing any drugs from them.

The prices they are offering are very affordable and I am curious how much the generic pills cost. There is also no specific information on the web about where this pharmacy is located. The owner of the website provides an address in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

There is no fixed delivery charge and delivery times vary depending on where you live in the world. They do not provide an exact address and it is hard to verify as there is no information about the actual location of the pharmacy.

Prescription Requirements

You need a valid prescription to order the drugs from this pharmacy. A copy is also available on their website.

This firm is active in 25 countries worldwide. They accept payment via all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, and Amex.

You can also pay using a debit card from VISA and VISA Electron. The firm also accepts other payment methods including PayPal, bank wire transfers, and western union.

Mirror Websites

This drug store has received some customer reviews and testimonials on Facebook and other social media.

We found some customer reviews for assured rx online from the following social media accounts:


The receptionists seem friendly and helpful. They are also ordering drugs from online pharmacies that are active 4 years as of writing this article.

There are many positive areas for this firm and they don’t even seem as shady as some other pharmacies online.

We would still encourage you to test them by following their directions and regulations as an online pharmacy.

Their registration date is not provided. Business days are provided as Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat.

A very basic website with no images, no information about the business, and no contact details is available on the web. This website is not web registered and neither is it registered by a real person.

There is no contact number or live chat option. This lack of confidence from our experience shows that this pharmacy is not genuine.


In conclusion, this drug store is a pharmacy that claims to sell the highest quality generic drugs for as low as 99.8%. Their only fault is that they do not have very many visitors. However, they have a lot of good reviews from previous clients. So they are most likely legit.

While the pharmacy claims to be transparent about where it sources its drugs, we found that it uses a third-party company to hide its identity. This company is also associated with several other illegal affiliate websites. It is important to consider whether this pharmacy is legit or not considering the fact that it deals with drugs unseen by most people.

AssuredRx offers a minimum payment of $10. Their shipping takes up to 21 days to arrive. Their refund policy comes into effect when the buyer calls them and speaks with their support team.

Assured rx offers a few different offers, such as extended maternity leave, a two-month guarantee and a discounted price.

To find out more about the company, we also tried to find references for them online. This made it really clear that this is a scam pharmacy.

The products they offer are generic and not all that impressive looking and smelling as they are manufactured and sold in India.

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